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  • CCS School Board Meeting
    Tuesday, 02/21/2017
    7 pm
    CVU Room 162
    A climate report by the CCS principals.
    Report will include information about the recently
    re-launched Positive Behavior System (PBIS)
    Agenda (Highlight)
    Report to the Board
    Principals' Report
    CVSD Debrief
    CSSU Debrief
    2nd Qrt FMR FY'17

    Champ Run Poster Contest
    Our Spring BBQ and Basket Raffle will be on June 8 this year, 
    and will include 
    The 15th Annual Champ Run!
    Submissions for the logo contest are due
    March 24, 2017
    Only black line artwork will be accepted (pencil or black marker).
    The winning logo will be displayed at CCS and
    will feature prominently at the run! 
    Other prizes include a gift card and artist's name in the local paper.
    Champ Run Poster 2016
    2016 winning design by 5th Grader Miles Jordan

    Happy Camper
    The Book Fair

    Thank you to everyone who helped make this year's Scholastic book fair a success.

    Everyone who bought books and/or worked during set up, open hours or
    cleaning up played an important role in raising money for the CCS Library.

    We sold $5197 worth of books and more online, which will provide the library
    with more than $2200 for e-books and hardcopy books.

    Thank you all!


    Box Tops 
    Thank you to everyone who submitted box tops this year.

    Stay tuned to next week's newsletter to find out which team
    brought in the most, winning the mini-grant prize.

    PTO Bake Sale 
    Town Meeting Day
    Tuesday, 03/07/2017
    Bakers and Helpers are needed!!
    Stuff may be dropped off at carline by the flagpole or dropped off at the table that morning.
    If you are able to help out that morning, please contact Carol at or 425-5319.


    PTO Meeting


     PTO Meeting Minutes

    School Budget Information Meeting



    PTO Parents’ Information Meeting, Thursday, February 9, 2017

    Attendees:  Mark McDermott , Susan Nostrand, Amy Shore, Jessica Lucia, Carol Blanshine, Beth Cullen, Lesley Higgins


    Focus Topic - Budget Discussion (Mark McDermott CSD Board)

    Last year was a bad budget year, but now that Act 46 went through, CSD is consolidated.  Mark is now the chairman of CSD.

    There is a $75MM budget across the CSD.   There will be no program cuts except art teacher, which is going down by .1.  $77K project (CCS school roof) is rolled into new maintenance budget, so we will get a new roof and some improvements downstairs.  Spending up 3-4%, cost per student is high in Charlotte, but our cost per pupil goes down now that we are consolidated.  11% tax cut will result.  What you see in the school this year will be here for the 2017-2018 school year.  A detailed report will be sent in the upcoming newsletter and posted on the PTO website.

    Erik Beal (vice chair, budget) and Mark McDermott (chair, budget) are on the new board, representing Charlotte.  CSD meetings are the first Tuesday of the month, and anyone in the community is invited.  The next CCS school board is meeting on 2/21 at CVU – this meeting will address behavior issues in the schools and resources dedicated to those issues.  School population in VT is shrinking, but behavioral problems are growing.  It is hard to talk about specific discipline situations due to privacy rules, but they will be discussing data and reporting on the current state of affairs at CCS.  These CCS school board meetings will continue to be held the third Tuesday of each month through May 2017, and then the CCS board will phase out. 

    Question – Will CCS continue to use Betcha since the rest of CSD uses a different company?  We buy 3 buses each year, phase 3 out.  The overall CSD board is determining whether there are transportation cost savings opportunities. 

    Update to front entrance at CCS – They will be moving the call button from outside to inside so that parents do not have to wait outside in inclement weather.  We can do this now that there is a second set of secure doors in the lobby.

    Retirement Update:  Leslie Williams (7-8) is retiring.  Alice Tragesar (Art) is retiring.  Raises, but no cuts are included in the budget.  Also, Bob Mason, COO of CSSU, is retiring.

    Leadership at the state level:  Phil Scott’s plan will not have an impact for the 2017-18 school year, but may next year.  If you hear anything on the street that concerns you, please feel free to contact Mark, Erik or Susan with any questions.  Current student at CCS population is 350-400.


    • Intro - Welcome, around the room we introduced ourselves and reiterated that parents and faculty are welcome to attend PTO meetings.
    • Treasurer’s Report

    Grants paid out: $175 MePower Parenting Workshop, $320 Spanish Children’s Books, $150 Roll-up sleds for playground, Student Leadership Council “Beyond Bullying” conference $750, $500 Staff Professional Development Fractions Book Study

    Grants Pending: $500 Book Fair vouchers (Mentoring/School), $300 PE Family Fun Nights, $700 Art, $700 PE, $1000 Library, $1616 Montshire Science Residency

    Fundraising efforts—Hannaford Helps(ended, unknown amount-March), Box Tops $270, Annual Fund $3205

    • Next Dates to remember:

                                    Staff Lunches Feb 10 (2nd/3rd), April 14 (K/1st)

    Box Tops Deadline Feb 13---have them in to teacher before that date.

                                    Hannaford Helps has ended, we should get payment in March

                                    Scholastic Book Fair Feb 14-17th

                                    Science Residency March 6-10

    CCS Celebrate Science Night May 11

                                    PTO Meeting April 6

                                    Spring BBQ (Fun Run/Basket Raffle) Jun 8


    General Discussion:

    Parents asked about when numbered grades start at CCS.  The team explained the shift to proficiency-based learning, which continues through high school.  The group discussed the challenges related to the new system:

    • Assessments are not always sent home, so parents don’t have a sense for how their child is doing.
    • Comments must be more robust to be helpful. Some teachers do not offer any comments.
    • The PBL system is geared toward a more personalized, custom approach to teaching; however, some parents are not seeing that reflected on report cards.                           

    Variety Show

    • There is concern about parents dropping older children off at events and leaving them unattended, causing disruptions, and forcing other parents and faculty to step in and enforce basic behavior rules. We will discuss how to message school-wide expectations ahead of these events in the future. 
    • It was suggested that students could run the sound booth in the future, saving money and creating a learning opportunity for those interested.
    • Overall, the show was a success. Thanks to Chea Evans for her coordination and dedication!

    Phone Use at School

    • Parents wanted information about the school policy on phone use during school hours.
    • Is policy different for para educators?
    • How is this being monitored?

    Messaging to Parents – PTO asked how parents would like to get messaging about fundraising efforts, events and meetings

    • Lunch menu
    • School assembly announcements
    • In the backpack
    • Teacher blogs or email messages

    The next PTO meeting is on April 6, 2017.


    Beth Cullen

    CCS PTO Secretary