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    Wednesday, 03/22/17
    CCS Library

    In an effort to make ourselves as accessible as possible to families and the community,
    we will be collaborating with the PTO to host monthly Q and A’s with the Principals.
    We will be providing alternating times at drop off and at pick up to enable people to come by and ask us a question or two.
    People are welcome to stay as long as they want.
    Our hope is that through these small events,
    people will build an even greater comfort in communicating with the principals and know that our door is always open.
    The dates and times for these get togethers are:
    March 22 at 2:30;
    April 19 at 7:30 am
    May 24 at 2:30.

    Staff Appreciation Luncheon
     April 14
    Sponsered by Kindergarten and 1st Grade Classes


    This week CCS Middle Schoolers took part in student workshops run by Montshire Museum of Science, provided for by the CCS PTO.


    Our 7th and 8th graders Investigated Earth's Energy Balance

    Using handheld computers and other digital tools, students measured the temperature and the “reflectivity” of different colored materials. Students plotted the data, reached conclusions about how materials respond to solar radiation, and discussed the implications for earth’s polar regions and the earth as a whole. This knowledge translates to an understanding of how earth reflects and absorbs energy from the sun and is crucial to understanding climate and how it is changing.


    Our 5th graders explored Hot Air Balloons and the concept that hot air is lighter than air.

    Students worked in small groups building their own hot air balloons. The scientific concepts of density, heat, and other properties of air were revealed as students flew their balloons in the Gym.


    Our 6th graders explored River Formation

    Students used stream tables to investigate how the force of water moves sediment, shapes rivers, and forms deltas. They also viewed satellite imagery of New England streams and rivers for a different perspective.


    Thank you to everyone who donated to the PTO this year, so that programs like this could be possible.

    6th Graders
    River Formation Workshop at Montshire Museum
    River Formation workshop
    River Formation workshop

    Champ Run Poster Contest
    Our Spring BBQ and Basket Raffle will be on June 8 this year, 
    and will include 
    The 15th Annual Champ Run!
    Submissions for the logo contest are due
    March 31, 2017
    Only black line artwork will be accepted (pencil or black marker).
    The winning logo will be displayed at CCS and
    will feature prominently at the run! 
    Other prizes include a gift card and artist's name in the local paper.
    Champ Run Logo contest